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The Taming of the Shrew

Disciplining Donna

Every Dominatrix has a sub who tries her patience to the max. There’s a trend in life towards brattiness lately. It’s one I don’t enjoy. I’ve come to understand through education and experience, that most of the time, brattiness is just an inability to communicate. Sometimes a submissive will act out in different ways to get a good, hard beating, rather than just asking for one. Others have difficulty in friendships or at work because they lack some basic interpersonal skills. Then I have submissives like Donna. She has a history of sexual repression. A fear that what she wants makes her a bad person. If it’s forced on her, it’s not her fault. She can’t accept her sexual desires. She cannot allow herself the pleasure of another woman’s touch. In addition, she doesn’t know how to properly convey her wishes. Donna is in her 50’s. She’s about 5 feet with medium length, light brown hair. Her shoulders are narrow, breasts pert, just enough to fit in the palm of my hand. Her hips flare out to a wide, juicy bottom. Donna’s going to learn about discipline. How to ask for what she wants. She’s going to give herself the freedom to soar. Once she learns to behave.

Mistress Victory Von Stryker

Last week Donna called at 7:00 a.m. She knows my day starts at 9:00. I did not answer the phone. I had no intention of allowing her to break the rules. I’m excellent at enforcing boundaries. Then at 8:30 that same morning she texted saying she needed to see me. She mentioned she wanted an appointment the next day, first thing, and would I hurry and get back to her. Hmmm. That’s not the proper way to schedule an appointment with me. You ask politely for what you need. Mistress Victory does not respond well to rudeness or disrespect. If you step outside my established guidelines, the end result will not be pleasant. I returned her text around 9:30. I informed her I would not be available all week but I would be happy to schedule her for the following Monday. I chastised her inconsiderate behavior and told her I would see her promptly at 9:00 a.m. She immediately responded with an appropriate apology and accepted the time.

Vinyl Dress Purchased on Yandy.com

Donna arrived promptly as instructed. She was well aware of the consequences for tardiness. In this, she dared not test me. Donna knows the rules and she dropped to her knees, eyes cast downward. Then she spoke. My jaw clenched as she whined, “I can’t believe how long it took for you to get around to seeing me. I’m pretty sure I told you how badly I need some stress relief.” She had the nerve to simper as I stood over her, hands on my hips. I laughed in her face. “I believe you’ve forgotten who serves whom. I think you’ve failed to understand your place in my world. You see, there’s only One Mistress Victory Von Stryker. My minions are vast. You’re but one among many. You’re here at my convenience. You do as I say when I say it. If you’re a good girl, do as your told, and take your punishment with humble respect, I might reward you with the relief you crave. Do I make myself clear?”, I snapped. She whispered, “yes Mistress”, averting her eyes. I stepped to her side and fastened a unisex collar around her neck. I added a standard leash, helped her to her feet and led her to the playroom. I closed the door behind us, sealing her fate.


I pushed her towards the four poster bed. Donna pulled at her collar as if it was irritating her skin. I noticed the gesture and asked, “Is there a problem?” Donna dropped her hands like they’d been burned. She shifted from one foot to the other, neglecting to reply.Where I come from, when someone addresses you it’s polite to answer. Stop fidgeting and speak up, I commanded. Donna giggled nervously. “Well, it’s just that I like the other collar you normally use better. It’s smaller and pretty. It makes me feel sexier.” I took a deep breath to compose myself before chiding, “Woman, you’re lucky I don’t make you masturbate in the corner all session while you chant about how unworthy you are. You don’t like this collar? You complain about my choices? Let’s see how you enjoy a collar that forces your hands behind your back. You know what’s sexy from a sub? Obedience. Now go stand with your nose against the wall and repeat I will not question Mistress Victory. Don’t stop until I say so.” Donna hurried to the designated area and began her time out. While she endured her boring task, I gathered my tools, plotting my revenge.


Once I’d found all the gear I needed I told Donna to lay across the bed with her ass in the air and her feet on the ground. I started with a lovely flogger complete with dildo handle from bestvibe.com. As I wound up my flogging arm I warned my helpless victim,”Don’t say a word. If you do, I promise you won’t be happy. You seem to be under the assumption that an appointment with me is like getting your hair done or going out for a mani/pedi. You need to think again.” Leather rained over her body leaving a swath of red in it’s wake. I paid special attention to her pale, round butt. There were a lot of moans and groans, grunts and gasps, but she was smart enough not to speak. I grabbed her head and shoved the dildo end of my weapon down her throat. “Get it nice and wet cause it’s going in your ass. I know you want me to fuck your puss with this big, hard handle but you haven’t earned that yet. Here’s something else you can do with that mouth of yours:” I pulled her by the hair, moved aside my g-string to give her full access, and pushed her greedy tongue into my anus.It’s time you know your place,” I announced. “You‘re going to learn how to ask nicely for what you want. For now, you can start by worshiping my asshole.”


I ground myself against her, smothering her with my butt. When I felt she’d shown proper devotion, I moved behind her and crammed the dildo handle deep inside her ass. I fucked her with it long and hard, then replaced the handle with a vibrating anal plug, complete with remote control. I turned the dial to a steady setting and left it in place. I removed the collar with restraints. “Roll over onto your back.” I massaged her arms as the blood returned to her limbs.” She wisely suppressed a whine as she heeded my directive. I grabbed my multi-function bondage belt also purchased from bestvibe.com. I positioned her so her legs splayed wide over her head and arms locked uselessly. “Now I can do anything to you I want,” I threatened. Donna’s eyes glimmered as she clung to hope that what I wanted involved her pussy.


The plug pulsed inside her bum. Her cunt glistened. She panted, breathing heavy. Her need to talk warred with her desire to cum. Her only recourse was blind acquiescence. I stood in front of her, enjoying her subservience. I could easily gag her but I wanted to test her compliance. So far so good. I bestowed a brief reward, running my nails along her pussy lips. She sighed, longing for more. “Have you got something to say?”, I questioned as I tweaked her rosy nipples. She shook her head, eyes shining bright with anticipation. “How about now?”, I asked. I tickled both feet, starting with the toes, lightly tracing the arches, over the heels and back to the little nibbles. Donna wriggled, straining her bonds but there was no use. She laughed uncontrollably, her chest heaving, tiny boobs bouncing. Fear of embarrassment etched across her brow as she struggled not to pee. “Use those kegels, girl. You better hold it in.” I taunted her, relishing her torment. Donna’s discomfort was obvious, still she held her tongue. “OK, I’ll give you a break. You’ve been a very good girl. Time for a little treat.”


Her gash eagerly swallowed the u-shaped vibrator. I was delighted to find this gem on bestvibe.com as well. One end lit up her clit and the other pleasured her g-spot. As a Bad-Ass Domme all my favorite toys come equipped with remote controls. I decide how fast or slow to stimulate my subs. I granted Donna a slow rhythm to match the butt plug still buried inside her. She inhaled sharply as her passion began to build. “That feels nice, doesn’t it?” I observed the question in her gaze and invited her reply. “Yes, Mistress”, she whispered appropriately. “That’s my sweet little slave”, I praised. I increased the intensity of both vibrators, then I located my chain whip tickler. Fear, hunger, anxiety, lust…a million emotions crossed her face as she spied my old faithful friend in the palm of my hand. One thing for certain, Donna understands the pain/pleasure connection. Her cunt soaked the sheets thanks to the vibrations pulsating throughout her body. She eyed the silver whip. I’d stored the metal device in the freezer. Cold steel waiting to be unleashed. I notched up the vibrators even higher. “Alright sub, here we go!

Dress Purchased on Yandy.com

I swung the chain high overhead. “Repeat after me: I serve Mistress Victory.” Tendrils of torture rained across each arm, punctuating my command. Donna flinched and complied meekly. “Say I must obey Mistress Victory!” I flourished my whip, stinging strands lashing her tender breasts. Donna sobbed, agony and ecstasy building to a frenzy as she did as instructed. “I will not question Mistress Victory!” Silver slashed her inner thighs, a trail of red emphasizing my rules. Donna winced, moaning her acquiescence. “I will be polite”, I challenged, slinging the chains between her pussy lips. Donna wailed in agreement, her slit thirsty for more. “I will ask nicely for what I want!” I twirled the whip, landing a resounding blow across her mound. Donna’s keens of lamentation echoed through the room. I put my chain aside. I picked up my Strapless Strap-on Dildo also from bestvibe.com. “Ask me nicely for what you want, Donna!” pointing the shaft in her direction.


” Will you please fuck my pussy, Mistress Victory?”, Donna begged. “Please! Please! Please! I’m aching for you. I plunged three fingers inside her throbbing cunt. “Mistress will you please put that on and give me your hard cock?” I attached the toy to my groin, the motor strong against my clit. “Now see? When you ask nicely for something you just might get it.” I drove myself home in sure, smooth strokes. The dildo thrummed between our bodies, filling us both with pure, unadulterated bliss. I captured her cries with my mouth as we gyrated together. The pressure grew. Before she could explode I shouted, “Ask me Now Donna! Ask me!” Donna screamed her reply, “May I please cum? May I? Oh Please Mistress Victory!” Bucking against her as I found my peak, I yelled,”Yes! Yes! Yes!”


Thank you for staying tuned. I hope you enjoyed reading about how I taught my slave to behave properly. Visit Bestvibe.com for all your sex toy needs. You won’t be disappointed. For hot lingerie, sexy dresses, costumes and accessories, try Yandy.com for deals you can’t resist. Don’t forget, you too can discover the Mistress Victory experience. Book an Online session with me. I promise you’ll have fun. Buy my used undies here. Worn during real BDSM sessions. You’ll treasure the essence of Victory.

Mistress Victory Von Stryker’s Sensual Delites

Red Satin G-String worn during Real Session with Donna


Until we meet again, Be good to yourselves, Bitches!

Love, Mistress Victory Von Stryker 💋 👑

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Mistress Victory Gives a Make-Over

George goes Girlie

One beautiful morning my phone rang bright and early. A regular submissive wanted to try something new. For years he’d been experimenting with cross-dressing in the privacy of his own home. Now that he’d devoted himself to the service of Mistress Victory, he felt brave enough to seek help from me. His name is George but he prefers Trey. He fondly reminisced about happy childhood memories of playing dress-up with his cousin. I heard the joy in his voice as he told me how he loved wearing her brightly colored lipsticks. For a while, he’d been longing to try one of my favorite cherry reds. We planned an outing for the next day. Shopping for make-up, a new outfit, and shoes. Then it’s play-date time. I could hardly wait. 👗👠💄

Mistress Victory Von Stryker

He picked me up the next day and we began our shopping spree. We had a great time picking out colors to match his complexion. I took his measurements in the dressing room of our local department store. He obediently waited on his knees while I gathered several changes of lingerie in his size. Those of you without a knowledgeable Mistress to personally guide you can find lovely and affordable lingerie on Yandy.com. It’s where I buy all my work clothes.💕


We found everything we needed, so we fled to the playroom to begin Trey’s transformation. He knelt on the floor naked in front of my full length mirror, as I applied his primer, foundation, etc. My fellow ladies and lady wanna be’s know all the steps. Finishing his face with a brush of eye shadow and blush, and voila! The effect was delightful. He bowed his head for his wig of long, black hair. I took him by the hand and pulled him to his feet. His white dress slid over his hips. At my command he stepped into his red pumps. Facing his reflection, Trey gazed at his fantasy-come-to-life. There stood a very pretty and very tall woman. He giggled with glee. 👸

“Look at me,” I ordered. His eyes met mine for a brief moment, then lowered in deference. “I’m going to call you Trina. Now Trina, I wanna see you walk in those heels. Strut your stuff for me like you’re on a catwalk. Show me what a sexy girl you can be.” Grinning from ear to ear, Trina popped that hip before she pranced down my hallway. I applauded as she preened like a peacock, enjoying her moment in the sun. “I can see you’ve had practice walking in heels. Very good, my dear. That was quite a performance.” Her face glowed. She was living her true life and loving every minute of it. I took her by the hand and led her in a waltz across my dining room floor. Our dance concluded outside the door of the playroom. “Trina, my love, trot your sexy ass in there and show me what’s under that dress.”


Her dress shimmied to the floor, revealing the purple panties and black thigh highs hidden underneath. She assumed her usual position on the spanking bench centered in the middle of the room for just this occasion. “I want to see that butt up high,” I directed as I fastened the restraints around her wrists and ankles. I punctuated my command with a slap across both cheeks, watching them jiggle. I began with a little sensation play, running my nails down her back, tracing them along her skin, until I reached her toes. I tickled them lightly as she tried to wriggle away. Of course there was no where to go, and just for that I redoubled my efforts, torturing the sensitive arches of her feet. I laughed, then switched to my Wartenberg wheel. I glided it back up her flesh and into the crack of her ass. She moaned in reply.


“You love it when I play with that butt, don’t you pet?” Trina sighed, then whispered, “Oh yes Mistress Victory. Fill my hole. Make me feel like a real woman.” I removed the purple panties obstructing my way. I warmed her up with my middle finger. I slowly wormed deep inside, curling my digit as I found her prostate. “More!” she gasped, gyrating her hips in ecstasy. “I’ve got you baby,” I assured her as I doused my “Booty Rocket” vibrating butt plug with lube. I stretched her anus, just how she liked it. I pushed the plug home and pressed the button. “Mistress Victory! Please let me worship you for giving this to me!” She groaned in supplication as her pleasure increased. Who am I to deny such a humble request? I stepped in front of her as she reached for me with her tongue. I pressed the lace of my white “cheeky” panty to her face, and she laved my clit through the gauzy material. “Mmm…nice,” I praised. “That’s my good girl. Lick it slow” I crooned. The whir of the plug a fitting background to the rhapsody our cries created. I shoved her face into my crotch, letting her feel the soaking wet fabric.


I think it’s time for the big boy,” I warned as I grabbed the next toy in my arsenal. “Open wide!,” I demanded, showing her the heavy-veined, thick dildo I had in my hand.” I was ready to fuck that sweet ass and send her to heights unknown. Here she was, splayed before me, flanks in the air, long black hair trailing the floor. Her makeup smeared across her lips, a flare of red highlighting her mouth. It formed a perfect O as she spied the huge cock soon to invade her depths. She couldn’t hide the desperate longing in her eyes from me. I knew her all to well. Over and over, thrust after thrust, stuffing her to the brim with one hand, while stroking her hard member with the other. She exploded in my palm, screaming my name.


I cleaned her up, released her from her bonds, and guided her to a cushiony chaise to recover. I cuddled her close before removing the wig. I wiped away the remains of the splattered makeup. I left her for a moment to draw a hot, bubble bath. I helped her sink into the soothing tub, as Trina melted away and Trey returned to earth. 🌏

Thank you for tuning in once more to read about my adventures as a Southern, Sensual Dominatrix. I do have the best job in the world and I get off on sharing it with you. Those who follow me know I’ve just published my website, mistressvictory.com. There, not only can you read my blog; but also you can see more pictures of me, buy my Mementos from Real Life BDSM appointments, and book online sessions. Experience Mistress Victory Live! 💋 There’s also a Membership you can subscribe to, giving you access to my Private page. The toys from today’s post are from my friends at Pinkcherry.com. They always have just what I need. Stay horny bitches! Be good to yourselves and live life the way you dream it! 🎆

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Love Always, Mistress Victory Von Stryker! 👑💓⚡

Mistress Victory’s White Cheeky Panty

White Lace Panty worn during this Session!


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Anticipation: A taste so sweet

An Anxious sub Meets his Mistress

Mistress Victory Von Stryker

Hello my dears. I received an email last night from my darling jeffrey. He’s been a loyal fan since day one and my faithful commenter. We finally met on Valentine’s Day. He wrote me about our time together, so I thought I would share it with my beloved readers. If you had any doubt about whether I am real, doubt no longer: Enjoy!

I had made my appointment almost 3 weeks in advance. I wanted a Valentine’s session. Watching the calendar, I had crossed off the coming days until our final meeting.  The 14th finally arrived!  I had not slept well the night before, anticipating the events yet to unfold. The alarm awoke me at the appointed time.  I did a thorough cleanse and shaved my pubic area, careful not to nick myself.  Mistress Victory had given me explicit instructions to confirm our appointment no later than 8:00 am on the day there of. I made the call as instructed, only to reach a voice mail box that had not been set up. Undaunted, I sent a text. I waited with baited breath for her reply. She instructed me to head in a general direction and told me to call her 15 minutes before our scheduled time. I had put on a metal chastity cage before I had left my house. By doing so I had sought to assure her I would be compliant with her demands. Never one to be late I arrived at the next meeting place.


I had programed her call number into my phone and at precisely the specified time I pushed the button, a call that would change my life forever. She picked up and with the sweetest southern accent  ” Said Hello “. She gave me her address and I have to say I exceeded the speed limit to get there. I feverously approached her porch, all the time trying to remain cool, calm, and collected. I knocked my knuckles upon her front door and it slowly swung open. I entered, not knowing what to expect as the door closed silently behind me. There stood the Goddess that I had been fantasizing about, Standing about 5 foot 10 inches tall in her come fuck me pumps, her flaxen mane cascading over her milky white shoulders . She whispered in my ear come lets play. As a man of age I was more than willing to accept her invitation. As I undressed, I couldn’t help but notice she was taking inventory of her tools of my destruction.  I stood naked and proud before her, she dressed in a bustier, fishnet stocking and heels. An absolute vision of loveliness  “Face down and ass up,” she commanded, and thus it began..

Her first stroke of claws was lite and airy, a tease of things to come. As with a building storm her wrath was about to be unleashed: “You come to me with your cock in a cage? You betray you’re Mistress that bestowed this gift upon you? You are a dog that needs to come to heel!” She picked up the chain mail whip and began to punish each cheek of my ass with it. Each stroke of the chain bit deeper into my ass but I was determined not to cry out.. Over and over She punished me. She struck blow after blow upon my body…. still I would not cry out. She reached, grabbed my caged cock, and drew her sharpened nails across my swollen testicles. She looked deeply into my eyes and I could see she was enjoying this moment.


She instructed me to lay on my back, my ass hanging over the edge of the bed…..My legs were restrained above my shoulders….My ass was exposed! I watched as she stepped into the strap-On harness with a twinkle in her eyes. She whispered in my ear that it’s common among dogs to hump each other to establish the hierarchy of the pack.. I was grateful that she had applied a generous amount of lube before she thrust full throttle into my ass. This day she established the order of the pack.



I hope everyone enjoyed reading this excerpt of our experience together, from his point of view. Stay tuned because a certain submissive couple came back for more Mistress Victory. Also, I have a very bratty sub who was in desperate need of a lesson. I can’t wait to tell you about her. Pink Cherry is still one of my favorite all time stores. Check them out. They always have great sales, free shipping for purchases over $49, and free gifts. What more could you want? I’ll tell you! You want my used underwear so you can have a piece of Victory for yourself. Also, I’m building a store, offering Monthly subscriptions and Online sessions. Contact me at mistressvictorylifeinbdsm@gmail.com, here on this site, or on twitter for more details. Be good to yourselves, bitches. That’s an order! ⚡⚡⚡

Mistress Victory’s Sensual Delites

Used in this Session. Black Lace Thong


Love, Mistress Victory Von Stryker 💝💋💥 💓

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Puppy Play with Paul

Isn’t he Precious?

Good boy wanna go for a walk?

Not all human puppies are subs. There are alphas, betas, the list goes on; however, my precious little Paul is definitely submissive. Not his real name. I know. I’m a sucker for alliteration. What can I say? It’s my blog, my sub and I’m a damn Dominatrix. I’ll do what I want. 😈 Paul describes his puppy time as an intense submersion into another head space. He can completely lose himself for a while, abandoning all inhibitions and anxieties as he becomes this snuggly creature. He’s formed a deep bond with me, like a dog and his Owner. With any beloved pet, it’s important that he receive regular walks, strict boundaries, obedience training, praise for a job well done, delicious treats, and lots of cuddles. Paul’s puppy play is as necessary for him as breathing. 🐺

My adorable pet is about 5’5″ tall. His shoulder length, brown hair streaked with red highlights makes me think of a friendly golden retriever, but he imagines himself as a fluffy ball of fur like an Eskimo Spitz or a Bichon Frise’. He has a soft, somewhat chubby physique which only makes him more squeezable. When he was safely through my front door, he obediently dropped to all fours. I patted his head, then divided his locks into two equal sections. I tied each side into cute “puppy dog ears”. I gave each a quick scratch. “That’s my good boy,” I crooned. “Get undressed so we can get you ready for your walk. I know my little sweetie needs his exercise.” 💝

Paul stripped naked. I helped him into his paws and knee pads to prevent bruises. I’m not a cruel Mistress. 😜 I placed a bone gag in his mouth to remind him he can’t speak. I love the one I found on Pinkcherry.com. It helps put Paul in the right frame of mind.


It was time to insert his tail. When we began our search for his ideal appendage we couldn’t find an actual “puppy” tail to Paul’s liking. Then I discovered just what we needed: a white, faux fox fur vibrating anal butt plug with remote. The fluffy white fur fits the image Paul holds in his mind, while enhancing the experience with 3 different vibrating speeds I can control. I lubed the plug then shoved it home. Paul panted, absorbing the intense pulsations filling his ass.


I massaged his flanks, hugging him close. “My darling baby likes that doesn’t he?” Paul gave me his best version of a tail wag and nodded his head.” I fastened his collar snugly around his neck, attached the leash and led him to the back door. “Let’s go for a stroll, sugar,” I said, as I guided him around the yard. 🐩


Paul trotted across the lawn, flaunting his fuzzy hindquarters. I turned up the dial on his plug, laughing as he sashayed around my patio, his dick growing hard. I chastened, “No, no, my little puff ball. Put that red rocket away.” I pulled him back in the house. “You need a time out to calm down. I’ve not given you permission to have a hard-on yet. I want you to go in your kennel and take a short nap while I prepare for some indoor fun.” At my direction, Paul crawled into his cage, making himself comfortable as possible within it’s confines. I set the timer for a 15 minute snooze, made sure he had his blanket, then locked him in for a brief respite.


I gathered the toys I needed for the last half of play time. I filled his bowls with food and water. When the alarm sounded I was all set. I unlocked his crate and called him to my side. I patted his head, praising, “Good boy. I’ve got a treat for you.” I removed his bone gag and pressed my palm to his mouth. He gobbled up his favorite cherry licorice bites. Paul laid his head on my feet, sighing in appreciation. I massaged his body, working out any kinks that might have been caused by the tight space. “C’mon boy,” I coaxed. “Who wants to play fetch?”

Such a Good Boy!

Paul jumped to his feet, excited for the new game. He wiggled in anticipation. “First things first, baby. I’m going to ensure you behave properly. Mama’s got a surprise. Stand still while I put it on you.” I showed him the pretty pink chastity device, complete with lock and key. I gently enclosed his flaccid penis, making sure it stayed that way. “There. You look lovely.” I pocketed the key, grabbed Paul’s frisbee, his tug-of-war rope and his tennis ball. “Let’s go play.” 🐾


Paul bounded through my living room, chasing and retrieving until he was out of breath. He was such a happy puppy. I squeezed his plump cheeks, cooing in a sing-song voice, “That’s my good boy.” He rolled onto his back and I scratched his tummy. I whispered, “I think it’s cuddle time.” Paul followed me into the bedroom. I climbed into my downy haven. Paul curled up against my warm thighs. I released his cock from it’s prison. It didn’t take long before I felt it hard against my leg. I peered down into pleading eyes as he whimpered softly. “Ok, buddy. You’ve earned it. Lick away.” 👅 I reclined into a mass of pillows as Paul burrowed his face against my cunt. His practiced tongue laved my clit as he worshipped my pussy. Soon his efforts were rewarded as I drenched him in my juices. When I recovered from my trip to heaven, I cradled Paul in my arms. “You deserve a special treat.” 🍰 I brought out my Satisfyer stroker for a combination of heat and vibration guaranteed to blow his mind.


The sucking effect of the stroker in harmony with the pulses of his butt plug tail sent him over the edge. He exploded in a frenzy, howling as he came. Paul fell into the shelter of my embrace. Safe and secure with his mistress, my treasured pet found peace….

Thank you for sharing this experience with me. I hope it’s a worthy read. The products featured in this post are all on Pinkcherry.com. Try Pink Cherry for a bevy of fun. Stay tuned and continue to follow me for more adventures in BDSM. Also contact me to purchase my used undergarments for your very own Mistress Victory keepsake.

Mistress Victory Von Stryker’s Sensual Delites

Panty worn and used during session.


As always, be good to yourselves and others. Karma is a bitch.

With Love, Mistress Victory 💋💓⚡

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Spanking Susannah: A Sinful sub Repents to her Goddess

Confession is Good for the Soul

Yes, here I am again using the word Goddess in reference to myself. It’s not a title I asked for. Do people fall at my feet in supplication? Yes. Do subs beg to worship at my altar? Yes. Do my followers confess their inner demons? You better believe it. It’s the crown bestowed upon me by my dedicated minions. My little Susannah craves the escape, the release, the freedom she finds when she lays her burdens at my door. When she gives me control of her mind and body, she finds peace and understanding. Who am I to argue? Early one morning she called me in tears. Her world was out of control. Her mind clouded in chaos. She couldn’t concentrate at work. Projects fell by the wayside. She needed discipline. She needed clarity. She needed her Goddess. We set the date. I assured my little dove help was coming.🌞

Susannah arrived on time. She dropped to her knees, waiting for my instructions. I stroked her long red hair. “That’s my good girl. I’m going to make it all better. You’re going to tell me everything that’s wrong during our time together. I promise when we’re finished today you’ll be back on track. Leave your worries with me.” I took her hand and helped her to her feet. I led her to my playroom where my spanking bench waited. Susannah removed her clothes, revealing her curvy figure. Her creamy skin glistened as I bent her over the plush frame of the Obeir Bench from liberator.com. I fastened the restraints to her delicate wrists and ankles. The lovely peach of her ass now perfectly positioned for the punishment she desired.💛


I stepped back to admire the pretty picture she made, sprawled over with her butt in the air. Susannah’s full breasts hung like ripe fruit. They begged to be adorned. I caressed her plump buttocks, then trailed my fingers over her satiny flesh, reaching her blushing nipples. They puckered nicely as I attached silver, weighted clamps to the pert pair. Susannah moaned, loving the feel of their pinching teeth.🌟


For me, people are living canvases on which I express my art. Different shapes, sizes and textures. I appreciate them all. Here was one of my favorites. Susannah’s pale skin, the perfect backdrop for painting colorful blooms. I squeezed her juicy globes. “Are you ready, little dove? Tell me Everything”, I commanded.👠 Susannah inhaled deeply, “First, I keep getting to work late. It’s no excuse but I haven’t been sleeping well, so I just can’t seem to get out the door on time.” Whack! ⚡ I struck without warning, landing the first blow squarely across her left butt cheek. She hissed at the sting but kept talking. I gripped my paddle, targeting the right side as Susannah continued. “Then the other day, I snapped at a client who was getting on my nerves, and the lady told my boss,” she griped. Crack! ⚡ A fierce red imprint blazed across her ass. I chided, “Bad little bird. You know better, and don’t whine. It gets you nowhere with me. You were wrong. Now say it!” I demanded.💥

No stranger to these sessions, Susannah humbled herself before her Mistress. She sobbed, “I was wrong! I’ve had a bad attitude. It’s my fault! My temper has been short and it’s affecting my job. Not just my job, but my personal relationships too. It’s me. I’m the problem.” She dropped her head. I ran my fingers through her crimson locks, enjoying the silken strands. “Doesn’t it feel good to admit the truth? To face your shortcomings?” Susannah nodded as I massaged her temples. She groaned, soaking in the blissful sensations. My paddle has a very special handle, and she knew what was coming. This nifty find by Tantus, on liberator.com, has a smooth shaft ending in a six inch, bulbous dildo. I plunged it deep inside her dripping wet pussy, rewarding her subjugation.💝 “That’s my good pet”, I praised, thrusting the pole rhythmically as she writhed in ecstasy. I squeezed her bountiful breasts with my other hand, evoking sounds of rapture from the gorgeous creature.🎶


Her cries of pleasure increased under my deft ministrations. “No, No. You can’t come yet, little girl. Tell me what’s really going on. What lies beneath that bad temper? You said you aren’t sleeping. Let’s go below the surface, love. You’re not finished confessing your sins”, I chided. I removed the handle from her slick sheath, stopping to grab more toys. Her breathing slowed. Her body calmed. Susannah resumed her unburdening. “Like I said, I’ve been snapping at everybody. I’m overwhelmed and spread too thin. When I try to sleep, my mind whirs, counting all the things still on my plate. Before I know it the alarm goes off, and I’ve been up the whole night. I need a break but I don’t want to let anyone down.” I wiped away her salty tears with the tip of my tongue. They were yummy. I caressed her face. “I have a few more gifts for you, I whispered in her ear. 🎁

I moved where she could see the implements of delight. I drenched the first present with lube, readying it for entry. I’d chosen the Cal Exotics Santa Monica Starlet thumping G-spot vibrator. I knew from experience the intense pleasure this toy delivers. My Susannah was in for a treat. With 10 amazing settings, I was about to rock her world. I slid it home, watching it disappear inside her wet pussy. “Keep talking, love. You’re doing so well”, I encouraged as I pressed the button for thumping pulsations. Susannah, moaned as her passion bloomed.💐


Endeavoring to obey, distracted by the thrusting vibrator, Susannah wailed. “Lately, everything seems to be spinning out of control. I’m lost. It seems like I can’t do anything right. The only time things feel okay, the only time I’m grounded is after I see you. I need you to steady me.My little pet sobbed as she reached for orgasm. “Bad little turtledove. I didn’t give you permission to cum. Slow it down. I’m not finished with you,” I directed. I inserted my middle finger inside the rose of her anus, fingering her hole while reducing the speed of the pulsating vibrator. Two more digits readied the way for my next surprise. I stretched her wide as her lovely ass accepted my b-vibe butt plug. The rotating beads wove a rimming sensation as she lost herself in double penetration. She was almost ready to explode. 🌋


The beautiful Susannah trembled. Her cries echoed throughout the playroom. “Hold on a bit longer, angel,” I demanded. “It’s time to cleanse those sins, to banish that negativity. Repeat after me: “Any dark or negative force may now return to it’s source. I am free. So mote it be.” I lit a black candle, then placed a full length mirror in front of her, so she’d have a clear view. She followed along, gazing into her own eyes. The sudden slap of leather sent her over the edge. I pelted her ass in time to her chants. Her volume increased as my Dalby spanking strap added that perfect taste of pain. Her body convulsed and she gushed, cumming in waves. She screamed her thanks to the heavens. 🙏 I kissed her forehead as she tumbled to earth. I released my worshipper from her bonds. I guided her to a soothing coconut milk bath. Susannah sunk beneath the water, relaxed, renewed, and whole once more. 🏖


Thank you for sharing your time with me. You can find all the items featured in this post on liberator.com, a virtual wonderland of fun. Also, you can purchase my used underwear here. You know you want your very own Mistress Victory keepsake. Stay tuned for more about my exciting life in BDSM. I order you to be good to yourself. Love, Mistress Victory 👠💓💋


Mistress Victory’s Sensual Delites

Panty worn during BDSM Session


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HYPNOSIS with Cameron: The Final Installment

Cameron Learns his Lesson

I’m sorry I’ve been away so long. I’m back, bitches! Seriously, thanks for tuning in to the final installment of my Hypnosis Role Play session with the beautiful Cameron. Remember, this adoring slave of mine has the body and face of a well-endowed Greek god. Lucky for me, he worships his Goddess in wonderful ways. Thank you to my devoted sub for allowing me to share our time together. Let’s return to our story of a misguided patient who got more than he bargained for from Doctor Victory Von Stryker:

Cameron took to the bit willingly. As his teeth gripped his gag, his mind cleared. He felt weightless. Every session with Doctor Von Stryker left him renewed but today. though bound; he felt free. He surrendered his burdens to the Doctor, along with his will. His arms ached. His muscles burned, but he felt alive. Still deeply entranced, he gazed into Doctor Von Stryker’s eyes. He patiently waited for further instructions, smiling dreamily. He gave her full control, craving the discipline he knew he deserved.


The Doctor pointed her crop. “Today I’m introducing you to Aversion therapy. You will associate certain words, phrases and even ideas, with negative stimuli. We have used a mild form of this already. Your brain is trained to imagine poison when you think about smoking. I’m turning things up a notch. A whole new set of punishment and rewards. Meet your new friend, the Violet Wand.”


“I’m going to repeat your offensive words and then I’m going to shock you, Cameron. I’m not going to lie, it’s going to hurt, but in the end you’ll know in your bones, disrespect yields agony. I’ll reward obedience and good manners with ecstasy. She ruffled his hair. Just remember this long journey of pain leads to pleasure beyond compare.” She laughed at the mix of terror and anticipation hidden under his lashes. “I’m not your doll, Cameron!” She pointed the wand, and snap! His left nipple suffered a direct hit. His body jerked in surprise. The bit kept him silent but tears soaked his cheeks. Doctor Von Stryker gently wiped them away, caressing his skin. “Don’t call me Babe, Cameron! It’s inappropriate!” The wand crackled. He shook in his restraints as his right hip blazed under it’s searing touch.

“Cameron, Never comment on my appearance!” She zapped his balls, sparking his flesh. Cameron writhed under the Doctor’s glare. He both feared and craved her next move. Doctor Von Stryker stalked closer. Her nails grazed his burning sack. She pushed her chest into his face as she placed a cold compress across his brow. “Your doing very well. Hang in there,” she encouraged as she strutted towards his feet. “No Doll! No Babe! No leering stares! No Comments!.” Violet light stung his left arch, then the right. Cameron’s jaws clenched his gag. Every nerve screamed in anguish. The Doctor chuckled at a job well done. Massaging a path towards his groin, She praised, “The difficult part is over. You’ve been a very good boy. Such compliance deserves a reward.”

Buy my Used Panties 😉

She stroked his cock, loving how fast it grew in her hand. All 10 inches stood proudly before her, glistening like velvet steel. “Very nice, pet. That looks delicious.” The doctor stopped to search her bag of tools. “I have a few more toys for you. I think these will be more to your liking.” She spread his legs wide, stepping between for better access.


“These are filled with lube. I’m going to inject one up your butt.” She squeezed the trigger, plunging it deep. She presented her next gift. “This lovely prostate massager thrusts and rotates at my will. I think you’ll enjoy the effect.”


The Doctor pushed it home, dialing the remote to it’s lowest setting. Cameron moaned under his bit. The thrusting, twisting bliss almost more than he could stand. Doctor Von Stryker returned her attention to his rock hard dick. Her silky hand pumped him vigorously. The vibrator churning his prostate to life. Suddenly he exploded with an intensity he’d never imagined. His torso drenched in salty rain. “Excellent Cameron! I’m so proud of you.” Victory’s eyes sparkled with delight.” She kissed his temple, taking a moment to cuddle him in her arms. The Doctor cleaned away the evidence of her new treatment plan. She soothed his skin with a healing balm. She removed his restraints, and directed him to get dressed. She put away her naughty tools. Doctor Von Stryker whispered, “Cameron, I’m going to count backwards from 10. You will forget about what happened here today. You will remember bad behavior means torture. You’ll awake feeling rested and refreshed. 10, 9, 8…..”

Cameron blinked as he rose from the couch. Doctor Von Stryker perched on the edge of her desk. Not a hair out of place. Clothes perfectly pressed. “How do you feel Cameron?” She tapped her pencil against her knee. “Doctor, I feel great! When can I schedule my next visit?” Looking down at her calendar, she grinned devilishly, already planning their next adventure….

That concludes my hypnosis role play session with gorgeous Cameron. Thanks for reading. I sincerely hope it was enjoyable for you, my lovelies. All of the toys and tools in this post can be found on the ever wonderful site, Pinkcherry.com. They offer great discounts and often, free gifts. Make sure to check them out. Also for your very own Mistress Victory Keepsake, buy my used panties worn during my BDSM sessions. Stay tuned for my next story. I live to entertain.

Love, Mistress Victory Von Stryker ❤👄


Mistress Victory’s Sensual Delites

Panty worn during BDSM Session


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Hypnosis with Cameron continued

Victory puts cameron in his Proper Place


When I left you fine folks hanging, the Doctor had inspected Cameron from head to toe. She straddled him on a soft, luxurious chaise from liberator.com. She unlocked hidden treasures and cuffed him in place. He was completely helpless and at her mercy. Let me tell you about Cameron’s beauty. He’s several inches above 6′ tall. His hair is thick and golden like the sun. His eyes are brilliant turquoise pools. His skin is tanned and flawless. He’s perfectly sculpted with the lean thighs of a runner. His cock, when erect is 10 inches and as thick as a fist. He’s the ideal plaything. At this moment he belongs completely to Dr. Von Stryker. Don’t forget this was a role playing session. I know all of his soft and hard limits. I understand what he can handle. He’s aware that at any time he can slow things down or stop the session completely with a word or a gesture. Let’s continue:

The Doctor stripped off her blood red blouse, revealing a black lace bra. She flung that away as well. She hiked her skirt higher. Her natural D cups swayed as she dug her knees into his sides. Rising over his supine form, Victory palmed his cheek, then turned his face to hers. “I’m taking a firmer hand with you Cameron. Today we’re going in a new direction. You need to realize I’m the Expert. I’m the Professional and I’m the One in Control. You have not been following directions or doing your homework. You are disrespectful, oppositional, and frankly, somewhat obnoxious. I’m done with your attitude and your back talk. Beginning now, it all changes. You’re trapped with no place to go. You may be an attractive man, my dear, but you’ve relied on those looks too long. This session is about behavior modification and aversion therapy. I’m going to mold you into a decent human being before this day is out. Do you understand me?” Cameron was both shocked and excited. His heart pounded. Sweat trickled from his pores and his lovely cock began to rise. Victory reveled in the powerful emotions consuming her body. She gathered a fistful of blond locks, pulling him in for a quick nip on the nose. The Doctor dismounted. She stepped out of her pencil skirt, leaving on her matching black panties and the kitten heel shoes she wore to work. Dr. Von Stryker faced her victim. Armed with a shiny,new riding crop she teased, “Do you like what you see?” Cameron nodded vigorously. Victory pushed her tits towards his lips, daring him to taste, then moved out of reach.

“Not so fast, little boy. You have some seriously bad habits that need breaking, and I’m just the Doctor to do it. When I’m finished with you, you’re going to be polite, gracious and courteous. You will never disrespect anyone. Isn’t that correct, Cameron?” Doctor Von Stryker punctuated her statement with a sharp whack to his prick. Cameron yelped at the punishing surprise. He lowered his eyes, answering humbly, “Yes, Doctor, I’ll try.” Victory pointed her weapon. “No, Cameron, you won’t try. You will succeed. I won’t accept anything less.” She unlocked a nearby chest. She chose a few tools, arranging the instruments across her desk. Then Doctor Von Stryker grabbed her crop and stalked her prey.


Facing her bound captive, the Doctor detailed her new treatment plan. Cameron, it’s inappropriate for you to call me doll. You know that right?” She paused, waiting for his affirmation. His head dropped lower. “Yes Ma’am, he muttered. “Don’t mumble when you speak to me,” Victory admonished.Also, you will no longer remark on my appearance or any part of my body. I’m your Doctor. You will conduct yourself accordingly. Do you understand Me?” Tucking his chin, Cameron whispered, “I didn’t mean any harm, Doc. I was just trying to show my appreciation.” This time the crop snapped across his balls. His eyes winced at the sting of the crop, tears bathing his face. He writhed uselessly against his restraints. There was no escape. “Cameron! You’ve earned your lessons in punishment. You will strive to obey. You will address me as Doctor Von Stryker, or Doctor. You will submit to me in every way. If not, you will suffer the consequences. Don’t say a word. As a matter of fact, I’m tired of hearing your voice. I have just the thing to ensure your silence.


I’ve selected a few things especially for you. When I’m done with you if you even think about misbehaving you’ll relive the agony you experience today. I won’t leave marks. You’ll be instructed to forget the details of this session but the pain will live on. A nagging fear tugging at your brain, forever warning you to stay in line. Starting with this bit gag/nipple clamp combo.Cameron paled as Victory buckled the leather gag to his neck and attached the clamps to his budding flesh. “I’m warning you. If you try to bite, spit this out or talk, it’s going to hurt. If you endure your trials like a good boy I will reward your compliance. She trailed her nails along his chest, watching as goosebumps decorated his muscled torso. Cameron felt strangely relaxed and optimistic as he surrendered his will.

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Mistress Victory ❤

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Wow! What a Busy Week 💋

I cannot wait to tell everyone about my Naughty Adventures this week. I promise I’ll finish sharing cameron’s story as well. Believe me when I tell you I thoroughly enjoyed putting him in his proper place (under Me 🌟)

I’ve been so busy punishing bad little playthings and trying out new toys; educating myself on new techniques. I do so love my job.❤

Thank you for sticking with me and have a Sassy Saturday! You can make sure of it by checking out all the great things on Secrecy.com. They have super fun stuff. I love shopping there. They’re having a sale today.

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Mistress Victory 🤘

Hypnosis with cameron

If This Happens in Real Life, Call the Cops! 😉

I mentioned in a previous post one of my faithful subs asked me to tell his story. He requested a session where I am a Psychotherapist he visited for help to quit smoking. While under hypnosis, I take advantage of my power position and make him do all sorts of things. It was super fun and satisfying for both of us. The key to BDSM Hypnosis: You must have complete trust in your Domme or it will not work. If you surrender to the experience, you will find true bliss. Though this was a role play I’m going to present it to you in the narrative. Let’s see what happens. The Doctor is in 😁

Doctor Von Stryker is in her office preparing for her next patient, a 35 yr old male with a chain-smoking habit. He’s coming in for Hypnosis today as his preferred method of treatment. The Doctor crosses her legs as she reflects on their last appointment. She reads a note she made for herself after his session. ( Patient X has a tendency to speak inappropriately. Needs to be taught a lesson). She giggled internally. That’s a note she doesn’t want her fellow Physicians to read, nevertheless; it was true. Time after Time, over and over. She was a leader in her field, a Master at helping others conquer inner demons. Still, some guy would call her doll or honey or sweetheart, as if it was his genuine right. It never ceased to amaze. This time Dr. Von Stryker had a plan to get even. Oh she would still lead him out of his haze of nicotine addiction, but there would be a few changes to his treatment. She smiled wickedly. Just then, he knocked on the door. The Doctor rose, smoothing her black pencil skirt. She welcomed her client in her Professional manner, directing him to the leather chaise.

Her patient, let’s call him Cameron; sank back into the buttery softness. “Looking good, Doc. I like that skirt.” That’s 1, thought Dr. Von Stryker. Outwardly, she ignored him, seating herself in her favorite chair. “Let’s get started, Cameron. How did you do with your journal this week?” She raised one brow, tapping her pen lightly on her knee. “Nice legs, doll,” quipped Cameron. Ignoring the Doctor’s disapproving scowl, he said, “Well Doc, it’s like this. I cut back from 4 packs a day to 3 last week but I forgot to write it down.” That’s 2. Victory checked another imaginary box. She took a minute to re-center. This man was seriously trying her patience. “So, what I’m hearing is you made some progress but you neglected to do your homework.” The Doctor brandished her pen, stopping to write in her note pad. She chided, “We’re going to have to address this need of yours to avoid doing the work.” Appropriately chastened, Cameron hung his head. “Sorry Doc.” “That’s better”, she smirked. He missed her evil grin, settling deeper into his snug berth.

If he knew the surprises hidden below, he might not have relaxed so easily. His brain, trained to respond to Dr. Von Stryker’s soothing tones, began it’s subtle shut down.Now Cameron, remember to focus your gaze on the Prism directly in front of you. Let your mind go and listen to your breathing.” Victory led him through each step, asking for his consent and submission to her control. He gave it willingly, with complete trust in Doctor Von Stryker. They followed their normal routine. He pictured the poison label with skull and cross bones. All the usual stuff. His spirit floated, deeply entranced. She had him right where she wanted him.Cameron, can you hear me?” she whispered in his ear. He nodded, melting into the leather. “How do you feel? Where is your comfort level?” “I feel great, Doc. More rested than I have in weeks.” His chest rose and fell with each healing breath.That’s a good boy,” she praised. “I want you to take off your clothes and lie back down. Will you do that for me, Cameron?” He inhaled sharply, but without hesitation he disrobed, dropping his clothes on the floor. Quickly he resumed his supine position, his body on display before her. She circled the chaise, examining his frame from top to bottom. She patted his head, indicating her approval. She went so far as to open his mouth, inspecting his teeth and gums. Her right hand travelled the length of his body, gripping his muscled calf, eyeing his growing cock. “Nice specimen. Excellent lines. Quite the fine stallion. Your arms are heavy. Why don’t you drop them by your sides?” His hands fell like bricks. The Doctor revealed the restraints beneath him. Soon Cameron was shackled, completely exposed and at the mercy of Dr. Victory Von Stryker. The Doctor straddled her helpless client. “Now”, she crooned. “Let’s get to work”….

Stay tuned for the conclusion of Cameron’s Hypnosis session. This post has been brought to you by Liberator, a One Up Innovation. Visit their site for an unlimited variety of fun. Also, my store is Open on Sofia Gray, THE place to go for gently used underwear. Thanks for sticking with me and I hope you enjoy.


Mistress Victory

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