Spanking Susannah: A Sinful sub Repents to her Goddess

Yes, here I am again using the word Goddess in reference to myself. It’s not a title I asked for. Do people fall at my feet in supplication? Yes. Do subs beg to worship at my altar? Yes. Do my followers confess their inner demons? You better believe it. It’s the crown bestowed upon meContinue reading “Spanking Susannah: A Sinful sub Repents to her Goddess”

HYPNOSIS with Cameron: The Final Installment

I’m sorry I’ve been away so long. I’m back, bitches! Seriously, thanks for tuning in to the final installment of my Hypnosis Role Play session with the beautiful Cameron. Remember, this adoring slave of mine has the body and face of a well-endowed Greek god. Lucky for me, he worships his Goddess in wonderful ways.Continue reading “HYPNOSIS with Cameron: The Final Installment”

Hypnosis with Cameron continued

When I left you fine folks hanging, the Doctor had inspected Cameron from head to toe. She straddled him on a soft, luxurious chaise from She unlocked hidden treasures and cuffed him in place. He was completely helpless and at her mercy. Let me tell you about Cameron’s beauty. He’s several inches above 6′ tall.Continue reading “Hypnosis with Cameron continued”

Wow! What a Busy Week 💋

I cannot wait to tell everyone about my Naughty Adventures this week. I promise I’ll finish sharing cameron’s story as well. Believe me when I tell you I thoroughly enjoyed putting him in his proper place (under Me 🌟) I’ve been so busy punishing bad little playthings and trying out new toys; educating myself onContinue reading “Wow! What a Busy Week 💋”

The prince of Darkness pleases his Goddess

When I left you lovely readers, my gorgeous prince was on his back, hands and feet cuffed to my four-poster bed. Our eyes locked in passion. I spread his glossy black hair like a fan across the satin sheets. His pale skin glowed with perspiration. Energy pulsed the room like a bass drum. The fireContinue reading “The prince of Darkness pleases his Goddess”

The prince of Darkness meets the Mistress of the Night

A few days before my favorite day, Halloween, I got a call just before midnight. A deep, sexy voice crooned, “May I speak with Mistress Victory?” I’m not gonna lie. I was instantly wet. After I confirmed he had the right person on the line, he went on to explain he was in town forContinue reading “The prince of Darkness meets the Mistress of the Night”

A Couple of boys Come to Play continued

Ready! Set! Go! I hope everyone had a great Halloween. I know I did. I can’t wait to tell you all about the gorgeous Goth Rock singer who came to call, but that’s for another day. I want to get back to my pets on their crosses. When we last met I had them strappedContinue reading “A Couple of boys Come to Play continued”