A Couple of boys Come to Play

Forced by Desire, Led bi Temptation

I used that caption on the cover because I want to make myself very clear about something before I begin this tale. I have a lot of men call asking for something they refer to as “forced bi”. Okay, I know that’s a term that makes what they want clear; quickly and concisely. I have to say, I can make you suck a dick but I cannot make you enjoy it. If you are a man who imagines a cock in your mouth you might be bi. It’s that simple. It would be the best for both of us if you go ahead and admit that to yourself now. I will definitely make you admit it when you’re in my torture chamber/playroom. That being said, I have a couple of subs who’d expressed fantasies about being with another man. They were tempted by their desires but couldn’t give themselves permission to indulge. Both of these men wanted to be forced to submit to their darkest dreams. Let me tell you about the afternoon I set up a play date between two of my male subs while I supervised. I think you’ll find it entertaining.

They arrived around the same time. I opened my door to find them shifting from foot to foot and looking at each other warily. “Don’t say a word to each other and come inside,” I ordered. They humbly obeyed, dropping to their knees as trained. They were two of my most obedient playthings. Over and over, session after session, they both would beg me to put dildos in their mouths while punishing them. It was time for them to taste the real thing. They were gonna love it.

On the phone I told them to wear their collars. Now I attached their leashes and walked them into the playroom. I have a rather large dungeon. It features two St. Andrew’s crosses. They were special orders made by a pet who excels at woodworking. They are works of art I can manipulate at will. With the turn of a wheel I can invert my subs, literally turning the tables 😄. I moved the crosses so they were facing. Then I ordered each of my subs to assume their positions as I secured them tightly. This way they could watch each other as I alternated between them. I have an attached an image of a great St. Andrews Cross you can find on Etsy but the average person doesn’t have room in their house for such a large piece of equipment. At the end of this post I promise I will show you links where you can find items just as fun that can be used in any home.

Sub number one, I’m going to call puppy. Puppy is tall and lanky. He is around 60 with wavy gray hair and a thick mustache. He kind of reminds me of Sam Elliott but he truly is a faithful and loyal subject. His soulful brown eyes gazed into mine for a second before he dutifully cast them down as I attached head gear equipped with a dildo gag to his face. I love a wonderful store called Secrexy. You can find everything you need there. Then I reached for his beautiful snake head shaped chastity cage. I also found this thing of beauty on Secrexy. I placed his cock in its cage then moved on to sub number two.

I’m going to call sub number two kitten. He is around 55, short and squat. He is kind of roly-poly and playful. I often have to give him extra swats because he is adept at bucking the rules, just like a cat. I caught a sly smirk before he looked away as I fastened his ball gag. I gave his penis an extra hard squeeze before locking it away in it’s own gilded cell. I pinched his love handles and said, “I saw that.” I noticed his grin as I walked in front of them and picked up my first weapon. “Okay bitches. Let’s play.”

Stay tuned for more. Here are some great links to some super fun stuff on Secrexy.com:https://www.shareasale.com/u.cfm?d=570139&m=81369&u=2211034<a href="http://<a target="_blank" href="https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1257450&u=2211034&m=81369&urllink=&afftrack="><img src="https://static.shareasale.com/image/81369/Secrexy-yemian-180828-336×280-luoshaolan.jpg&quot; border="0" />http://<a target=”_blank” href=”https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1257450&u=2211034&m=81369&urllink=&afftrack=”><img src=”https://static.shareasale.com/image/81369/Secrexy-yemian-180828-336×280-luoshaolan.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ /></a>

When I come back I am going to tell you all about what happens with these too playthings. I’m sorry for being away so long. Readers have asked me to tell about their experiences with me so I am working on those and I promise I will get to everyone. I have also been asked to develop a way that followers can order audio recordings of my posts. ” If only we could hear you read these stories,” they tell me. I’m going to figure that one out too. So grow with me and I guarantee fun awaits.


Mistress Victory

A Couple of subs continued

Let’s add some Spice and Watch it Simmer

I’m sorry for leaving you hanging. I imagine for a lot of people this is the most interesting interlude yet, so I do apologize. I’ve been very busy living the Dominatrix life rather than writing about it. To return to where we left off, I had both of them restrained on their backs, naked, with their legs wide open. He was hard as a rock and I could already see moisture lining her pussy. I do so love my job.

I had remote controlled vibrators for both of them. I began with her. She’d confided she’d never had a g-spot orgasm. I was getting ready to remedy that. I inserted my favorite Lush 2  g-spotter deep inside that warm muff. She was convulsing already and I hadn’t even turned it on. She was so into what we were doing. I used the remote control and started with a low setting. Just to tune her up. I love this vibrator. It is so quiet, I can take a sub in public and drive her wild.

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I had one for him too. I massaged lube into his anus, loosening the tight ring with my finger. Then I pushed the Hush remote controlled, prostate massager deep inside. He moaned loudly as it hit all his hidden spots. His legs shook as he felt the sensations building.

<a href="http://<a href='https://www.lovense.com/r/c1jclr&#039; target='_blank'><img border='0' width='728' height='90' alt='' src='https://www.lovense.com/UploadFiles/Temp/20180305/863366b7e5b44e9d83ac742cd0762efc.png&#039; />http://<a href=’https://www.lovense.com/r/c1jclr&#8217; target=’_blank’><img border=’0′ width=’728′ height=’90’ alt=” src=’https://www.lovense.com/UploadFiles/Temp/20180305/863366b7e5b44e9d83ac742cd0762efc.png&#8217; /></a>

With Both remotes tuned to my desired settings, I wound up my flogger once more. Swiping across both of them with practiced figure 8’s, I alternated between long teasing tickles and stinging blows. They sobbed as their orgasms approached. I slapped the bottoms of their feet with my little paddle. I heard her building towards a huge explosion. I pinched her clit with my nails. She erupted, gushing the sheets. At the site, his eyes bulged. I clutched his cock, squeezing hard. He blew his load all over her stomach. I released the pair and cleaned them up. They spooned each other in a fetal position. They’d shared a fantasy they’d been dreaming of for years.

Once they were settled in the aftercare area, they made a plan for next time. I know you want to read more about this fascinating couple that came for dinner. Dessert was excellent and quite satisfying. Stay tuned for their next adventure.


Mistress Victory

A Couple of subs for Dinner

A Married Couple

Find Out What Happens

I received a call yesterday from a married couple visiting the area. They were referred to me by one of their friends. The two had been high school sweethearts, married 20 years. The problem was they’re both very submissive people. They were looking for some excitement and someone to take charge. They wanted some light punishment, Domination and a little bondage. Maybe a few more new things to add some spice. I assured them they’d made the right call. We set the time for 6 p.m.

The couple knocked on my door at 6:00 sharp. I guessed they were both in their forties. He was tall with reddish brown hair. She was short and petite. Her black hair lay across her shoulders in soft waves. She was curvy with an hourglass figure. Her skin was pale. She bounced a little on her toes as she watched me assess her. She was clearly nervous. He seemed a bit more comfortable. I noticed him run his hand through his thick mane. He’d worn dark jeans over muscular thighs. A tight blue t-shirt completed his look. She picked at a thread on her short white dress. They were an attractive pair. I smiled to put them more at ease. “Come in and let the games begin”

Once we were all in my favorite playroom I ordered them to undress each other. Giggling like they were back in high school, the two disrobed. Their eyes glowed as they watched each other. Their fantasy was becoming real and they were excited. I pointed to the bed. I told them to lay down on their stomachs, side by side; facing each other. I shackled them to the frame with their hands linked together. I began with some punishment to warm them up. I was going for sweet stings to heat the skin and a rosy blush. “Stare into your partner’s eyes and immerse yourself in the sensations.I used the flogger for long, sweeping swipes across their frames. Then I dangled the strands over them, tickling their intimate parts. I listened as their soft sighs increased to low moans. Their gazes locked, mouths open in ecstasy. I rotated the cat for more direct strikes to their buttocks and the backs of their feet. I was ready to roll them over.

<a href="http://http://

I positioned them on their backs. Once again, I directed them to face each other and hold hands. I massaged soothing oil into their skin. I moved from body to body, kneading their flesh. I squeezed her ample breasts, probably D cups like mine; pinching her nipples. Her eyes rolled back a bit but she kept her gaze fixed on her husband. I clutched his balls, rolling the testicles in his sack. He groaned and his cock stood rigid. He tried to turn his head to look my way, but I quickly slapped him back into place. “Focus on her, not me!” I snapped. I crushed his nuts in my hand to emphasize my point. Getting back to the matter at hand, I demanded, “Spread your legs wide.” The couple hitched their breaths. His dick grew harder. Wetness dripped from her pussy. Time to spice things up.

I know you want to discover more about this passionate interlude. Stay tuned. Dinner isn’t over and Dessert is yet to come.


Mistress Victory

Pain and Pancakes Continued


Welcome back to my blog. Let me continue telling you about this man who loves pain for breakfast. He divulged to me on the phone that he hates body hair. He had waxed himself from neck to toes. Now his smooth form was covered in clothes pins. He was rather toned for a man his age. I admired my handiwork. It was time for a little more fun.

He was laying on his stomach. I squirted lube in my hands. My pain slut had cleaned himself well with an enema as instructed. I pushed first, one finger; deep inside his asshole. Then a couple more. I wanted to loosen the tight ring of his anus. I felt for his prostate. I massaged it for him as he adjusted to the new sensations. He moaned as I moved my fingers in that upward motion. Withdrawing my digits, I replaced them with a fat, prostate vibrator. I made sure it was securely in place. I didn’t want it coming out once the torture began. He sighed with pleasure. He was loving this already.

I warmed him up with my flogger, twirling it in that good old, figure eight. I love how flexible it is. Varying the strength of my lashes, I alternated from light swipes across his body to hard strikes that caused a rosy glow. I laid down the flogger and took up the cat for more direct, concentrated blows. I punished his shoulders, buttocks, back of his balls, backs of his thighs and the soles of his feet. He cried in lovely anguish but didn’t safe word. His muscles tightened. He sang, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Mistress Victory! I am your slave! Of course I already knew that. I chuckled. “It’s going to get better.” I winked at my new pet. I grabbed the chain whip. I adored the heft of it in my grip. I rotated it with my wrist. I walked by his face so he could see. He noted the metal tresses and his eyes rolled back. His anticipation was palpable. He held his breath, waiting for the torment to begin.

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I rained steel locks all over him, wielding blows with delicious cruelty. I ignored his cries as welts appeared on his skin. I took a moment to run my fingers through his hair and lick away his tears. He smiled for a second, then exhaled loudly. I paused, giving him time to adjust. When I observed his muscles relax and his breath deepen, I resumed my torture. I decorated his form with weals and dark red stripes. He keened my name like a mantra. The vibrator whirred in his ass. He was deep in sub space.

It was time for a little massage. I bathed my hands in a special blend I’d made just for this occasion. The main ingredient: peppermint oil. Starting at his neck, I kneaded the mixture into his skin. “You’ll feel a warm tingling,” I told him as I coated him with the tincture. I rubbed the peppermint into his raised flesh. He groaned in stinging pleasure. “Do you like the flames licking your body?”, I asked as I squeezed his buttocks. I’d been particularly rough on the globes. The peppermint burned into his crevices. He sighed beneath my fingers, melting into the mattress.

It was time for the finale. He’d made a special request for my tiny shock racket. It’s just an average bug killer you can pick up at any Lowes or Walmart. It packs a wallop though. I paddled his bottom, electrifying his shanks. He loved it. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” he yelled. I rolled him over, onto his back. His cock was standing at attention. I pummeled it with my racket. “God yes!” he screamed. I picked up my riding crop in my left hand. I spanked his balls and the base of his penis. He panted louder as I switched from the racket to the crop. Back and forth, my right hand brandishing the racket and the left, my crop. The veins on his manhood bulged. One last whack with the crop and his dick exploded, spilling across his stomach and chest. I cleaned him with a warm wash cloth. I released him from his shackles. I cuddled him in my arms as he folded himself into a fetal position. He whispered, “That was the best experience of my life. By the way, I’m an excellent chef. May I make you some pancakes?”

I hope you enjoyed reading about our time together. Keep visiting and Spread the Word!


Mistress Victory

Pain and Pancakes

Make him Say Ow!

Early this morning I got a call from a gentleman looking for a Dominatrix in his area. He had visited a few while on vacation in other states but couldn’t find someone he vibed with nearby. Finally a friend mentioned hearing about me. He was excited and immediately gave me a ring. During his telephone interview he told me he loved intense pain and also wanted to explore forced bisexuality. He was very interested in exploring interactions with other men but his upbringing wouldn’t allow him to relax and discover this new world. He felt forced bi from a sexy Dominatrix might enable him to give in to this fantasy. We discussed his limits, set his safe words, and scheduled his arrival time. I prepared my dungeon, so to speak; and piled my waist long curls on top of my head. It was time to get to work.

At the appointed time I opened my door and looked up. There stood a giant of a man. I’m guessing he was close to 7 feet tall. His wavy hair was salt and pepper, turning a steel gray. His blue eyes were framed with horn-rimmed glasses. He wore a blue and white plaid dress shirt and khakis. Stepping inside he fell to his knees. With eyes cast appropriately downward, he said, “Mistress Victory, I’m honored to meet you. You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this.”

I nodded, told him to rise and led him to the torture room. I ordered him to undress and lay across the four-poster bed. I fastened his restraints and made sure he was comfortable. We had discussed using my flogger, leather cat of nine tails, my chain whip, and my little electric shock paddle. He also requested clothes pins be placed all over his body in addition to the usual nipple, ball and cock clamps. We decided to postpone candle waxing for another day, as that’s a more relaxing activity for him. Today he was looking for strong pain.

I attached old-fashioned clothes pins all down both sides of his body. I also applied them to his cock and balls. I heard a mild intake of breath, but that was all. So far, so good. I pinched the skin on his ass and placed the pins on there as well. He didn’t make a sound. He was being such a good boy. I went on, placing the pins all over him. I looked at my work. He was covered from head to toe in little wooden pins. I checked in to see how he was feeling. All green. Green means go.

Just let me say that as a Dominatrix and a BDSM Professional I do realize I should be referring to my subs in the lower case, but as a true lover of English Grammar, I can’t make myself do it. Please stay tuned for more of our venture in pain.


Mistress Victory 😉

A Little Torture in the Morning

My Submissive Housekeeper

Oh What Fun!

I got a call from an older gentleman this morning. He was a new client and he asked if he could make an appointment to clean my house while being punished. He also wanted some verbal humiliation. It sounded fun to me so we set the time for 11:00 a.m. I picked out my outfit and made sure to wear my knee high boots with the spiked heels. The client had mentioned that he loved being stepped and stomped on. I was prepared to give him exactly what he asked for.

The client arrived about five minutes early. I opened the door to find a white haired man about 5’5″ tall. He had curly hair that framed a cherubic face. His round belly jiggled as he shifted from one foot to the other nervously. He smiled impishly. I thought to myself, “This one is going to be a hand full. Once he was inside and kneeling before me, he asked if he could use the restroom to change into his cleaning uniform. He was gone a good 15 minutes and when he came out I laughed so hard I almost choked. He was wearing a French maid’s uniform complete with the frilly apron and garters. He had also donned a wig and make-up. His eyelids were covered in a gaudy blue. His chubby cheeks were made rosier by his bright blush, and his lips were smeared with hooker red. He wore black stockings and black mary-jane shoes. He was a sight to see.

He grinned and asked if he could please begin scrubbing my kitchen floor on his hands and knees. I nodded as I reached for my flogger. It always feels so good in my hands. I followed behind him as he crawled across my tile floor. Twirling my favorite means of punishment in that familiar pattern, I lashed him across his back. Over and over, I whipped him hard. I told him he was lazyand disgusting. Not worthy to lick my boots.Yes Mistress Victory!” he shouted. But then he giggled. What are you laughing at you worthless dog!,”I ground out between clenched teeth. That was definitely a mistake. He had made me angry. I stepped on his lower back with my heels, really digging in.Was that funny?” I asked as I did it again. This time he lowered his head and with just a little fear in his voice he replied that it was not.

Properly chastened he returned to his cleaning. He did it all on his hands and knees, whether it was dusting the furniture or cleaning the floor. I decided that he needed some real pain so I took up my chain whip. I told him, “This is going to hurt.” I told him he had earned it and he certainly deserved it. I called him a dog. I suggested that he take a look at the ridiculous picture he made in his maid’s outfit. He panted and I spied a devilish grin. He enjoyed being humiliated and he would purposely annoy me just so I would continue insulting him and hurt him more. I rained down the torture as the long, chain ropes colored his body with red. He begged me to give him more as his skin grew brighter.

I made it clear he wasn’t worth my touch. I demanded that he pull down his black panties and grab his cock. I ordered him to massage himself up and down. Then I insisted that he masterbate himself to completion. “On the floor!” I snapped as I heard him nearing the end. He moaned loudly as he finished and coated the floor in his spunk. “Now lick it up!” I challenged. He eagerly crawled to his load and lapped up every drop. He cleaned the spot with his Spic and Span erasing all evidence of what he had done. I looked around the room. The sub had done a great job. It was spotless. A fun time and a tidy kitchen. What more could a Dominatrix ask for on a Monday morning?


Mistress Victory

My Newbie:Fantasy Fulfilled

My Newbie: Fantasy Fulfilled

I continued working my finger in and out of his asshole as I felt it loosening. I curled the finger up and found his prostate. I rubbed the sensitive area as his moans increased. “I think you really like this,” I chuckled. I withdrew my finger and removed my glove. It was time to increase his pleasure but not without a little more pain. I picked up my ball clamps and showed them to him. “I’m going to fasten these to you now. Get Ready.” I attached a clamp to each ball and he made a little groaning sound but he seemed like he was handling it just fine. I had him roll over onto his back so that I would now have easy access to his cock. His restraints moved with him as he made himself comfortable. I noticed his cock standing at attention. My new toy was definitely enjoying himself. Taking up my riding crop, I swatted him down the length of his penis to it’s base, varying the pressure. He let out a few grunts but still no safe word. “How are you doing? He assured me he was still at a green. Green means go so on we went. I spied my vibrating prostate massager and decided it was time to insert it in his asshole. I slowly pushed it into him, listening to the sounds of his breathing. He was beginning to pant. Once it was all the way inside my boy toy, I took the flogger back in my grip and swung it again, making sure to lash it across his rigid dick. Between the vibrator and the flogger, my little puppy cried, “Oh Yes! Mistress Victory that feels amazing! May I please have more?” I walked to where his head was laying on the bed and ran my fingers through his thick, black hair. He stared up at me with wonder in his ocean blue eyes. Of course he could. He was being such a good boy and I told him so. I continued striking him across his chest, groin and down to his feet. I increased the speed of the vibrator. I watched his eyes widen. I had really enjoyed my new pet and it was time for his reward. This was a beginner’s introduction to BDSM. I thought I had gone far enough for his first time and he handled the pain very well. I admired the stripes I made on his skin. The perfect shade of red. The vibrator whirred and my pet drooled as I took his cock in my hands. They were now lubricated with warming oil. A few long strokes and he was screaming as he showed me just how much he appreciated my time. He was most certainly welcome to come back again. I hope you continue reading as I introduce you to more of my subs.


Mistress Victory

My New Plaything Loves BDSM

I laid aside my flogger and picked up my paddle. I began lightly patting him with it down his back and on down to his butt. I gave him a few hard whacks across his ass. He jumped and cried, “Oh Yes!” This boy definitely enjoyed ass stimulation. I smacked him harder, really reddening that backside. I grabbed my cat of nine tails and lightly ran the strands across his skin, tickling him in contrast to the burning he was surely now feeling. Dangling it over his body, I let the tassels fall below his ass crack and across his balls. He groaned with pleasure. I stopped and put on a pair of gloves. Then I applied lubricant inside his anus with my fingers. Moving in and out, preparing the way. I was thinking it was time to begin his prostate massage. Stay tuned.

My newbie, Bound in Desire

I decided to warm up my new plaything with a sensual massage. I warmed some soothing oil in my palms and smoothed it all over his toned body. I felt his skin quiver under my fingertips. He was still very nervous. Shhh, I whispered to him as I told him he ha nothing to fear. This was going to be fun. Once I felt his muscles relax, I stopped the massage and picked up my flogger. I love this tool because I can really vary the sensation. I lightly ran it down the length of him giving him a tickling to begin his journey. Then I began swinging my flogger in my favorite figure 8, starting out with light strikes across his body. As I picked up the rhythm my blows landed harder, reddening his skin deliciously. I heard him moan as the strands lashed across his ass and the back of his balls. It was a definite sound of pleasure. I covered him in stripes from the tops of his shoulders all the way down to his feet. My little puppy begged for more.

My Morning with a newbie continued

I am so sorry for leaving you hanging. To continue, my new client arrived right on time. I led him to the appointment room and told him to undress and kneel on the floor. I pointed to the tools I had laid out on the bedside table. I’m going to alternate between each of these, starting with the cat. I need you to give me a safe word. I told him we could use the standard red, yellow and green or he could make up his own. Ultimately, he is in control, as I follow these codes to the letter. He was so nervous he was shivering. His cock was standing at attention and rock hard. He went with the standard. I led him to the four poster bed and told him to lay on his stomach. I tied his hands and legs to each post. I made sure he was secure but not too tight. I didn’t want him to be too uncomfortable. I gazed down the length of his taut body. He was every woman’s dream. Tall; thick, black hair; muscled, tan body. And for the next hour, all mine to do with as I pleased. I smiled wickedly.